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Let me be the first to confess that I have a lot to learn. As a matter of fact my daughter an her husband have an order of magnitude more experience in WoW than I. They have been quite helpful in coaching me through the early part of my development. I started in WoW earlier this year and have enjoyed the game immensely.

However I have now been able, so far, to locate a forum for new guild members. I hope that this will suffice for that purpose . . .

First I need to reset my Guild login password. Evidently I opened an account without recording my login information as I always do. I have been having trouble with my login database, KeyPass. It stops working spontaneously at the most inopportune times.

Lastly I would like to learn the appropriate way to join with other members who wish to quest in small groups for skill learning, aid, and protection.

If I am the only one at a loss, never mind. I will find my way.
Good hunting,
Posted Dec 24, 17 · OP
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Hi Yhoric, most of our active players are a pretty friendly bunch so feel free to pipe up in guild chat in game. Outside of game there is a small few who still poke around here, however the chat channels in our discord server get read by a significantly larger group of people. Feel free to let me know if I can help with anything.

Posted Dec 28, 17