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We have several open positions for DPS and Heals to come join us as we get ready to destroy the Tomb of Sargeras raid!

Join us! We've been around for 12 years!

Heroic Gul'Dan Defeated!

Ceraphus a posted May 4, 17

Great job Phalanx of Nod on the guild first Heroic Gul'dan kill! 

Recruiting DPS!

Ceraphus a posted Mar 18, 17

We have the Tanks, we have the heals! Now we need your Pewpew! Looking for 2-3 DPS to join our casual raid environment.

Mostly looking for ranged DPS, but all DPS will be considered.

Magnilia I touched on this briefly in my introduction post. Shadow was always my main spec until Legion and I would be happy to j...

Great job PoN on Heroic Trilliax and Heroic Helya, earning Ahead of the Curve for ToV!

First two heroic Nighthold bosses down, 2/20/2017!

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