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Heroic Gul'Dan Defeated!

Ceraphus a posted May 4, 17

Great job Phalanx of Nod on the guild first Heroic Gul'dan kill! 

Recruiting DPS!

Ceraphus a posted Mar 18, 17

We have the Tanks, we have the heals! Now we need your Pewpew! Looking for 2-3 DPS to join our casual raid environment.

Mostly looking for ranged DPS, but all DPS will be considered.

Magnilia I touched on this briefly in my introduction post. Shadow was always my main spec until Legion and I would be happy to j...

Great job PoN on Heroic Trilliax and Heroic Helya, earning Ahead of the Curve for ToV!

First two heroic Nighthold bosses down, 2/20/2017!

Last night we took down Gul'dan! Suck it you inter-dimensional king killer! 

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Ceraphus   published Recruiting DPS! on News
Ceraphus   published Great Job PoN Heroic Trilliax & Heroic Helya! on News
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